How we do it

Like us, words also have characters. Stitched orally they behave in a way that’s entirely different from the way when they sit on blogs or when spewed out on reams of paper. The trick is to create homogeneity so that they mean the same even when expressed differently on different media. We help you do exactly that so that your image remains one across platforms and yet leads it to its increment. How we do that would depend on your needs and what you are.

What We Do

  • We provide Content led, Communication Strategy Advisory Services
  • We create targeted, cross-platform, integrated communication materials
  • We use motion-graphics that take translational communications to the next level.
  • We curate Visual and Auditory communication content and facilitate their aggregation.

Concept, Create, Curate and Communicate are the four sources of power that energise our relationship with you.

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E6, Panchasayar, Kolkata 700094.
West Bengal, India.
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