Transforming Sulekha through translational communications

Sulekha – Swadeshi, Swashbuckling Success to Siltation Sulekha was born in Rajshahi (now in Bangladesh) in the year 1934 – a Swadeshi enterprise to make inks for Gandhiji. The freedom struggle, the sacrifice of the Maitra family to make this dream come true, the struggle of the freedom fighter brothers who took on insurmountable odds […]

He also knows English. Or Does he?

It was a pleasant evening in Athens. I was part of a junket hosted by a multi-national insurance company. Thegroup comprised a few senior journalists from India and one influencer. It was about the days whenManmohan Singh was still the Prime Minister, Pratibha Patil was President, India won the ICC World Cup andGreece was going […]

From kickass to badass

You were a kickass, now it’s time you turned badass. Eh! Or was I a badass trying to metamorphose into kickass? Eh! Between my “Eh!” and my son’s, lies the entire gamut of challenges that I face now.  Or probably that’s the crisis for my entire generation. A few years back, about this time, I […]